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Marilyn Monroe is a universally recognized sex symbol of the last century. She was adored by men, but in her personal life the actress was unhappy - her marriages fell apart, she never had children.

Monroe's final exact life was a tragic and mysterious death. It turns out that we knew little about Marilyn Monroe, content with myths.

Biographer Donald Spotto told about many movie stars, including the main sexy blonde in Hollywood. Spotto's book will help us debunk the main myths about this movie star.

Marilyn's grandmother and mother were crazy. This statement is absolutely wrong. The list of crazy relatives of Marilyn is also credited with the grandfather, who died out of his mind. However, his death, like the grandmother of the actress, Della Monroe, was the result of physical ailments. Mental disorders are a side effect of aging of the whole organism. These people who have lived to old age cannot be considered classic madmen. But the mother of the actress did not initially receive a good upbringing and was not trained in responsibility. Being in a hospital helped her not to think about how to make a living. So she did not try to get out of there, proving her normality to the doctors. And the decision to send the woman for treatment came from her friend Grace. She did not have children, so she tried to raise the growing Marilyn in her own image and likeness. And the myths about the madness of Marilyn's mother could appear on the basis of also annoying coincidences in her life. For example, her ex-husband Mortensen called her. Everyone thought he was dead, but in fact the namesake suffered in the accident. Doctors believed that a woman receives signals from the other world, which clearly indicates mental problems.

In her youth, Marilyn Monroe changed many foster families. According to this myth, the constant change of place of residence and the circulation of strangers left their mark on the psyche of the actress. In fact, Monroe did not change many families at all. And where she lived, with the same Bolenders, she observed strict rules, on an equal basis with other members of the family. And certainly the future star was not starving and did not need. And the pitiful stories about her adolescence, the woman learned from her "half-sister" Bebe Goddard. She was the daughter of Doc Goddard, Grace's husband. She was just replacing Marilyn with her mother after being sent to the hospital.

As a child, Marilyn Monroe was raped. This statement is rather controversial. The star's biographers note that her childhood was, in general, rather cloudless. But another hard-hitting fact emerged. The actress, still unknown to Hollywood, worked as a prostitute. It is likely that it was about oral sex and not even for money, but for meals.

Marilyn Monroe is a unique movie star, the likes of which will not be. The movie star's fans are subjective, calling her unique and unrepeatable. In fact, there was another person in Hollywood earlier, whose type and nature of relationships with men, film career and early death resemble Monroe. This is about Jean Harlow, who died in 1937 at the age of 26. It's just that people remembered a slightly brighter and more corny Marilyn who lived later. There was something about her that the subsequent blonde "clones" did not have. But do not forget that initially from Monroe the producers and sought to fashion a new Gene Harlow. The stars had a lot in common, Monroe was even offered to star in the biography of this Hollywood star of the 1930s. However, she did not have time, also dying in her prime.

Marilyn Monroe was stupid. Is it thanks to this myth that another has developed, about the stupidity of blondes? In fact, biographers easily debunk this statement. It is enough just to study the texts of some of the business letters written by the actress. The intellect of the author is clearly visible in them. Monroe knew cinema well and spoke sensibly about it. She was not a certified specialist in her field, but such were many of her acquaintances, who were not at all reputed to be fools. And you shouldn't judge the actress by the images she created in the movies. In those years, the career of a wife and mother was considered successful for women. Accordingly, they were not supposed to be clever on the screens, no one would understand this. Those who consider Monroe to be a dummy should know that she headed her own company, Marilyn Monroe Production. It was the actress who took an important step towards making the studios more humane with the actors. Before that, contracts were simply enslaving. Today, it is believed that the IQ of the blonde was 168.

Marilyn Monroe was crazy. The human psyche is a dark room in which anything can hide. Each of us has our own hidden complexes and secrets. It's just that not everyone is under the scrutiny and exploration of Marilyn Monroe. Biographer Donald Spoto believes that the actress was quite normal, but she had deep psychological problems. And the reasons for this are quite understandable. It's worth starting at least with the fact that as a child, Marilyn received an ambiguous upbringing. At first she lived in the Bolender family, which was dominated by Puritanism. And her mother and her friend Grace raised a new Jean Harlow from a girl, encouraging her to pay attention to her appearance. But there was no one to teach her the correct communication with men. This is how a woman was formed, beautiful, sexy, but insecure. The main tragedy of Marilyn was that she listened too much to other people's opinions. The actress succumbed to the persuasion of those wishing to make her happy. But this “assistants” did not do it unselfishly, as, for example, the third husband Arthur Miller and personal psychiatrist Ralph Greenson. Imperfect upbringing did not give a woman a clue of what relations should be in a normal family. And in those areas that were really important to her, Monroe proved to be intelligent and purposeful. She never stopped acting, communicating with the public and continuing to take acting lessons.

Marilyn Monroe disrupted the shooting of her latest film. According to eyewitnesses, the situation was completely ambiguous. Filming "Cleopatra" was so ruinous that the studio was in a big minus. To compensate for this, it was decided to close one of the projects. From the outside, everything was supposed to look as if the shooting had failed due to the fault of the actress, who was Marilyn Monroe. But the bosses changed, and it was decided not to substitute the star blonde. However, the time was lost and there was no one to shoot.

Marilyn Monroe was the mistress of both Kennedy brothers. There is nothing more interesting than savoring fried facts - who slept with whom and when. But biographers have to trust documents. Donald Spotto, in his book, provides documents and evidence that refutes this myth. Marilyn was indeed President John F. Kennedy's mistress. However, the relationship was one-off and did not develop. But with the president's brother, Robert, she had an absolutely business relationship. The transience of her romance with John did not give her any right to claim marriage to him. And even more so, the actress could not have any compromising evidence on the country's government. After all, she simply spent little time with her brothers.

Marilyn Monroe has had many abortions. This myth continues the story of the actress's unhappy personal life, in which, unfortunately, there was no place for children. Biographers refute this myth. When Monroe was having her appendicitis removed, she was very worried that the operation would affect her fertility. She even glued a letter about it to her belly. The doctor was so moved that he even invited the gynecologist to the operating room for outside observation. In fact, Marilyn had big problems in terms of women's health. Most likely, she simply could not get pregnant and carry a baby normally. It is believed that she twice unsuccessfully tried to become a mother. And at the end of her life, those huge doses of drugs that she took to calm her nerves would simply kill the fetus. Perhaps this is how it all happened in reality.

Marilyn Monroe was associated with the mafia. It is no secret that Marilyn was in close contact with Frank Sinatra, who was suspected not without reason in connection with the mafia. But he was a very jealous man who would not share his girlfriend with the bandits. The love affair eventually ended, the couple planned to star in the same film in the future. But none of the acquaintances confirmed the connection between the actress and the mafia.

The last days of her life, the actress was constantly depressed. In fact, this statement is only partially true. At the moment when the attacks of the film studios on her escalated, Monroe abandoned a psychiatrist. She was offended by him and was really depressed. Donald Spoto believes that the actress did not even think about forgetting herself and killing herself because of this. Moreover, she had long wanted to part with Ralph Greenson herself, who took too much place in her life and even assigned her housekeeper Eunice Murray. Marilyn Monroe planned to give herself a second chance to return to Joe DiMaggio, especially since he became more mature about relationships. The athlete realized that the calling of his beloved is cinema, it is not worth making a housewife out of her. And death came by accident, due to an unacceptable combination of two drugs, which the doctors forgot to warn the patient about.

Marilyn Monroe was a great partner. Despite all the charming image on the screen, working with this actress was very difficult. Tony Curtis, her co-star in Jazz, There Are Only Girls, said that kissing Monroe was as enjoyable as kissing Hitler. And Co-star of The Misfits, Clark Gable, grimly joked that she had driven him to a heart attack. That joke, thrown by accident, had a fatal effect. Soon, Gable actually suffered a heart attack, which turned into his death.

Monroe's crown walk had its own secret. Everyone remembers the famous gait of the actress, slightly wagging. They said that heels were to blame for this, one of which was slightly shorter than the other. In fact, Monroe really walked that way, having achieved this through training. This corporate style was mastered by her for the filming of the film "Niagara".

The actress had six toes. This strange myth even has a basis in the form of a photograph. A photograph of a young actress was taken on yarn. She seemed to have six toes on her feet, but this visual illusion appeared thanks to the sand adhered to her foot.

Marilyn Monroe was a glutton. The actress was not skinny, which, according to many, was the result of a good appetite. But she actually didn’t eat much and could eat orange juice all day. Surprisingly, this did not prevent Monroe from maintaining her mouth-watering forms.

Marilyn Monroe immediately became an actress. Young Norma Jean Dougherty worked in a conventional military factory in the mid-40s. There she painted aircraft and checked parachutes. Fortunately for her, photographer David Conover drew attention to the girl. He looked for patriotic images of women at work in military factories. The photogenicity of Norma attracted him, it was he who advised her to become a model.

Marilyn Monroe loved diamonds. The fact that she sang "Girls' Best Friends Are Diamonds" did not at all make her a fan of expensive jewelry. Monroe treated them calmly, from the jewelry she had only a diamond ring, and a pearl necklace, presented to her by her second husband, Joe DiMaggio.

Marilyn Monroe was sexy in real life. In fact, the image that we see was different in reality. Her first husband, Jim Dougherty, said that he did not understand everyone's attention to Marilyn. In his opinion, it is like being in awe of shoe polish. She herself said that she began to experience orgasms only after 30 years. Men expected sex with her to be supernatural, but she had the anatomy of an ordinary woman.

Marilyn Monroe was happy. In the photographs, the actress almost always smiles. In fact, her life was never happy. Problems in her personal life and career plunged the actress into an almost continuous depression. Marilyn Monroe had many close friends. Monroe understood that next to her there were only those people who needed something from her. She felt lonely, about which her soul literally screamed.

Marilyn Monroe was fatter than we think. This myth is based on the size of the actress. But its 16th size in those years does not correspond to today's. She looked tiny, even though she was somewhat plump. Monroe would have a size 10 or 12 today. There are quite real parameters of the figure from the dressmaker of the actress, 90-57-89, the star weighed 47-56 kilograms, with an increase of 166 centimeters.

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