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The Literary Institute (Lit.) seems to be an institution in which one can only learn to be a writer, and the listeners are exclusively romantic-minded young ladies.

However, those who have actually encountered the learning process in Lita have a different opinion, debunking some popular myths.

They don't teach anything at the Literary Institute. Anyone who does not want to listen to anything, and it is useless to debunk this myth. But the same is not taught in Moscow State University, MGMO, TSU, RGGU and other GU, LEU and other educational institutions. Practice shows that it is impossible to teach only a fool in them. Eyewitnesses, who studied in provincial colleges with teaching of random people, in the universities of the millionaire city, believe that a lot can be learned there, if there is a desire. The A.M. Gorky Literary Institute is a university with centuries-old traditions, famous for the names of its teachers.

At the Literary Institute, they teach to be writers. This myth has been repeated and repeated for many decades. In fact, the institute does not teach such a profession as a "writer", a creative person gets the opportunity to acquire a first-class cultural education. Please note, not philological, which implies an almost complete ignorance of the natural sciences, namely the secular cultural. Such education of a wide profile allows the Slavist to freely navigate in his subject, which is language - in all its meanings and manifestations. Actually for this the institute was conceived so that new writers, who had recently sowed or worked at the machine, received an education. That is, the institute provides an opportunity for education to those who wish to do so.

Only graphomaniacs leave the Literary Institute. The Literary Institute enables a person to receive knowledge and education. Nobody teaches graphomancy forcibly, ultimately, everything depends on the person himself and on his perception of the world around him and the ability to reflect this in the texts.

In the Literary Institute, everyone is graphomaniac. In Russia, in general, it is common to treat the "word" in a special way. A special attitude is a marker that stands out from the crowd, it is status, belonging. Those who are a true native speaker of the Russian language and culture write everything, at least once in their lives, but they do, because one cannot escape inspiration. Often, even children compose poems according to complex rules, without knowing it. And not everyone who writes poetry studies at the Literary Institute. If not all graphomaniacs aspire to a literary institute, then it is logical to assume that not all who aspire to this university are graphomaniacs. People are distributed evenly, naturally in a literary institute the concentration is slightly higher, but one cannot think in absolute categories.

There is no one in the Literary Institute to teach students. There is an opinion that people who teach are losers, who themselves have not achieved anything in life. However, this opinion belongs to those who themselves are very far from such a university. Most of the teachers at the institute have an academic degree. Teaching traditions are very strong, it is enough to recall at least Paustovsky, Svetlov and other writers.

There is not a single well-known graduate of such an institute left in history; there is "zero" exit from it. It is enough to open Wikipedia to expose this myth. The list is so long that we list only the well-known owners of the surname in "A" - Akhmadullina, Aitmatov, Astafiev ... Is it worth continuing? If we add to the teachers and graduates of Lita also the glorious history of higher literary courses, then it turns out that practically all the major writers of Russia on the 20th were somehow connected with the Literary Institute.

If you study at the Literary Institute, you will certainly become a writer. Let's go back to the second myth. But not everyone who gets on skis becomes skiers.

Students and alumni are narrow-minded snobs. Sometimes even their variety is allowed, but the snobbery stands out. However, this phenomenon is just a side effect of an excellent education, a greenhouse environment and as an option for protection from eternal attacks.

Lithuanians are unsuccessful, but also aggressive. This statement borders on the fact that all writers and poets are drunkards. But why aren't all drunkards poets? On the issue of failure, we can again refer to the list of famous alumni.

A literary institute gives nothing to a person who writes. Let's come up and seriously answer this myth. A creative person cannot be like a figurine, once bizarrely drawn by someone. Word proficiency gives a person real movement and life, not animation. The one who knows how to write takes from life in full and transforms into the Word, doing it endlessly and greedily. An indifferent and lazy person will not receive anything from Lita due to his peculiarities, a talented person will show himself everywhere, especially in an institute that was created to help people who write. We can talk about what exactly Lit gives to his students, discuss how necessary it is, but that is another question.

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