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Meaning of the name

Vyacheslav translated from Old Slavic means "more glorious".


In childhood, it is difficult to put up with injustice; being unable to protect the offended, little Vyacheslav can cry. This trait will remain in the adult Vyacheslav.

Faced with injustice, he can explode, flare up, write a letter of resignation. Hot temper makes itself felt in other situations. After an outbreak of anger, he feels awkward, becomes complaisant.

He marries an intelligent woman who appreciates not only beauty, but also a sense of independence, originality and lack of complexes. In family life, he is reliable, helps his wife to take care of the children.

He takes the distribution of household responsibilities for granted, does not divide work into male and female. Moderately jealous, the relationship with his wife builds on trust, but once deceived, he never believes. Women like their kindness, charm, courtesy. Remains faithful to his wife.

Always puts work first. He completes the business he has begun, is punctual, and conscientiously treats instructions. She can do equally well in any field, although she has a noticeable craving for technique. If Vyacheslav has a car, then he devotes a lot of time to caring for it.

He gladly accepts guests, loves to drink, but it rarely comes to alcoholism. He will not betray a friend, will not arrange a dirty trick on his neighbor, but he will not stand up to protect anyone, especially if this protection poses some kind of threat to his well-being.

He has many friends, and even more good acquaintances. He is ready to lay his head for the task entrusted to him. Word of mouth rewards him. Usually lonely, suffering from unrequited love.

Very sociable, sociable, but not too deep person. His statements are more often banal and trivial than original and profound. That is why he always lives in harmony with the current government and is the support of any regime. People like him form the middle class of any society.


His sex life is full of variety and adventure, he is always basking in the rays of female love. Vyacheslav is picky, he chooses his girlfriend carefully, preferring gentle and gentle women who are able to understand his intimate desires by one gesture.

With a gentle soul, rich imagination and inventiveness, he always succeeds. His woman never remains dissatisfied, she does not just strive for him, but is captured by an uncontrollable desire to be with him as often as possible.

Vyacheslav has a very developed sense of duty to his girlfriend, he is frank and natural in sex, tries to find out as much as possible the sexual capabilities of his partner, loves to bring her to ecstasy.

He is extremely sensitive to foreign smells - to such an extent that for this reason he may even fail during intimacy and never meet this woman again.

Vyacheslav is able to marry without knowing the sexual capabilities of his future wife, and subsequently pays for it.

Not every partner can withstand Vyacheslav's sexual passion. Vyacheslav loves women and is rarely faithful to his wife. However, he values ​​his family and does not often go for divorce on his own initiative, he respects his wife, takes her opinion into account, but is not capable of being constant in love feelings.

He is an addictive nature, quickly lights up, but over time, the mind takes over, and Vyacheslav returns to a measured life, but not for long.

Vyacheslav makes love without prohibitions and restrictions. He tries to choose an experienced partner who knows a lot about sex, while he wants her to be slim, with a beautiful bust. A woman's breasts are especially attracted and aroused by Vyacheslav.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Vyacheslav gives the impression of something beautiful, simple, majestic, powerful, big, bright, joyful.

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