Murphy's laws of travel

Murphy's laws of travel

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Mental trauma in case of a fine

If your children are sitting in the car at the moment when you were fined, they will never forget it, and you will "never make amends." (And dare to just assert that it was because of their wild screams in the back seat that you missed the red light.)

Car conversations

Not a single car trip with a child can be considered completely successful if you have not heard the following sacramental phrases:

1. I want to go to the potty!

2. I'm hungry.

3. Have we arrived yet?

4. When will we arrive?

5. He climbed onto my side.

6. She touches me.

7. I want to tell you.

Beach costs

After spending a day at the beach with your child, you need a bulldozer to shovel sand from the back of your car.

Transportation theorem

If your car has room for "x" kids, then your son will probably want you to take the "x + 1" th child to the cinema.

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