The ugliest hotels

The ugliest hotels

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To attract guests, hotel creators are trying to do something incredible. The worst hotels will be discussed below.

Hotel Silken Puerta America, Madrid, Spain. The design of this hotel is based on the concept of absolute freedom. The architects envisioned a variety of cultures, design trends, materials, shapes and colors in the Madrid hotel. However, it turned out that freedom at the expense of tradition was not the best solution. As a result, the style resembles some kind of vinaigrette, which can make the psyche of the guests fail. The owners of the hotel, however, allow their guests to leave the rented rooms not at noon, as is customary, but two hours later. Such a decision does not look risky, because the guests themselves want to leave the strange hotel as soon as possible.

Hotel Spirit, Bratislava, Slovakia. From a distance, this place resembles just a pile of some colored junk or a shack from a slum. It seems that the owners have painted their house with all the colors that they just came across. And in the rooms themselves, a riot of colors is not inferior to the appearance. From such an inappropriate variety, you just want to hide under the covers. Perhaps the owners of the hotel realize that being there is fraught with the psyche. That is why seminars are held especially for guests to improve mental and physical health, as well as to overcome stress.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. This hotel is considered one of the most unusual in the world. The architectural design is truly amazing. Here, three skyscraper buildings are united on top by a giant roof. This platform resembles a huge boat hovering over the metropolis. And at the foot of this whole structure are a bunch of low structures made of concrete and glass. Their form defies description as well as understanding. The guests of the hotel claim that it has very inattentive service personnel. And in the famous rooftop pool, it is simply impossible to relax. The fact is that ordinary people from the street who want to take pictures of city landscapes are allowed in there.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, UAE. This hotel was the first to appear on the man-made Palm Island. It is unique in both the number of rooms and their size, as well as the exquisite restaurants. But the same striking bad taste reigns inside. Decorating the interior, the designers seemed to have decided to put together everything that is only associated with wealth and luxury. That is why it is difficult to stay in the main hall for a long time. Gold mosaics on gold panels in the Greek-Roman style are combined with emerald inlays in the Baroque style. Classicism with Arab motives is also mixed here. There are hundreds of waterfalls-fountains in the hotel, and in the very center there is a 100-meter sculpture made of colored glass. In all this sea of ​​luxury, a carpet with colored fish on a blue background somehow looks inappropriate. It is not clear what prompted the owners of one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world to choose such inappropriate flooring.

Hang Nga Guesthouse, Da Lat, Vietnam. The architects wanted to create a hotel that would be a real home of fairy tales. This hotel is supposed to look like a large tree from the outside, entangled in cobwebs and dug by passages and tunnels. It seems that some fabulous animals or insects live inside. The author of this project himself said that he was greatly influenced by the works of the famous Spanish master Antoni Gaudí. To realize their idea, the Vietnamese abandoned traditional plans, hiring non-professional craftsmen, who began to embody the architect's fantasies. As a result, the resulting hotel was named "The Crazy House". However, even in such chaos, certain ideas can be found. So. Here 10 thematic rooms are dedicated to specific animals - tiger, kangaroo, ant and others.

Westin New York at Times Square, New York, USA. The hotel could well become a stylish example of modern design, but the architect lacked taste and sense of proportion. Individually, all decor elements, stairways and furniture look interesting, attractive and unusual. But together they do not make up a harmonious ensemble, as if working against each other. As a result, you quickly get tired of the abundance of such details, quite simple and interesting. To feel all the inhospitableness of such a hotel, you just have to first decide to go into this strange curved building, painted in chicken color.

First World Hotel - Genting Resorts World, Genting, Malaysia. Despite its big name, the hotel is disappointing rather than impressive. Surrounded by beautiful nature, this colorful building looks simply out of place. It is good that the architect's imagination did not touch the interior rooms - they are executed in calm colors. But the furniture here is selected in a very peculiar way. Looking at her, you remember the return to the 60s, although she claims to be modern. In general, the hotel is clearly aimed at low-income tourists, hence the quality of service and a large number of people. Even the deluxe rooms here scare guests away.

Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp is famous for its historic buildings in the center. In this place, such a hotel looks just like a foreign body. Although the architect tried to stylize the huge hotel as a traditional Belgian house, the result was a rough craft. It only testifies to bad taste, and only a hint remains from constructivism. As in other Radisson Blu hotels, the interior looks faceless. But in modernity and style, you will not refuse it, which contrasts quite sharply with the ugly appearance of the hotel itself.

Royal Tulip Brasilia Alvorada, Alvorado, Brazil. This project personally proved how soulless modern architecture can be. The interiors of the hotel are gray and generally devoid of any decorations, demonstrating complete heartlessness. It may seem to visitors that they are not in a hospitable house, but in some kind of military bunker. Even a glance does not cling to the dull walls. In the rooms, however, the color palette is richer, but still the furniture is simple and featureless.

Grand Lisboa Macau, Macau. This hotel was supposed to personify the whole world of Southeast Asia. But it turned out in fact banal and not at all interesting. However, maybe this is exactly what the region is, if you look closely? The hotel is filled with glass, plastic and plasma panels. In this technogenic world, there is little room for traditional decor. As with other design projects, the main drawback here is the lack of a sense of proportion.

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