Female Thai names

Female Thai names

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A-gun - grapevine

Buppa - flower
Bussaba - flower
Bunsey is a highly respected beauty
Butrakham - yellow sapphire

Wanida is a girl
Vahan - sweet
Vaen - ring

Tao is a star
Deng - red
Death - tanned
Dianphen - full moon

Kamlai - bracelet
Kanya is a girl
Karavek - bird
Kosum - flower
Kulap - rose
Kwang - deer
Kanda - sweetheart
Kuantyai - beloved
Keuta - delight of the eyes
Kai is a chicken

Lamai - soft
Laban is beautiful
Lek is baby, baby

Malia - flower
Mali - jasmine

Nari is a beautiful woman
Narak is cute
Nok is a bird
Num - young
Ngam-Chit - a kind heart

Pakpao Snake Slayer
Pen-chan - full moon
Pensree - Beauty and Kindness Luna
Phonpan - a maiden in beautiful robes and jewelry

Rattana - crystal, jewel
For the sake of pleasure

Saengdao - starlight
Samon is a beautiful and beloved woman
Surya - the sun
Sumali - flowers
Sanoh - sweet and pleasant sounding
Saovapha is the fairest of women
Solada - Listening
Catfish - orange
Shit - chain
Somying - femininity
Siriphon - blessed beauty
Sirikit - The Glory of the Kitiyakara Family
Sirirat - the glory of the state
Ships - lady
Sukhon is a wonderful aroma

Taeng - melon
Thephi is the queen
Thevi - goddess
Thapthim - ruby

Ubon - water lily

Filein - sapphire
Fayrokh - sweet and pleasant sounding
Favta - pleasing to the eye
Fueng - bee

Hom - fragrant

Chailay - beautiful, sweet
Changsuda - daughter of the moon
Jimlin is pretty
Chuyenchay - refreshing

Apple - apple

Yu - curvy

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