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Food is wonderful because it can give a person the whole gamut of sensations. Here are a dozen of the most pungent and spicy dishes.

Hot Suicide Wings. The literal translation of this dish means "hot suicidal wings". This name was very ingeniously given to his invention by Robin Rosenberg, a chef from Chicago. Only few people dare to eat these chicken wings. After all, they are the sharpest in the world! To give visitors a taste of this dish, the administration of the restaurant takes some precautions. So, the guest signs a document according to which he refuses to prosecute the institution in case of possible digestive problems. To make the wings so spicy, the Savina pepper variety is used, it is one of the hottest in the world. If there is a daredevil who ordered this dish, the waiters immediately prepare to provide him with "ambulance" Sour cream, white bread and milk sugar are always at hand, which can become a kind of antidote. Chef Rosenberg himself has long wanted to create an unusually spicy dish. He believes that although these wings will be completely unacceptable for most people, perhaps there is someone somewhere in the world who will eat the dish with the greatest pleasure.

Bollywood Burner. There is an Indian cuisine establishment in London, which rightfully claims to be the owner of the spicy dish on the planet. The chefs of this restaurant believe that this is precisely their lamb curry dish, carefully sprinkled with the hottest peppers in the world. Collectively, this is called "Bollywood Burner". True, it cannot be found in the main menu. Such a hot dish can only be prepared by special order. And in this case, a gourmet who wishes to taste such a spicy dish must first give the administration of the establishment a receipt. There he confirms that he ordered this food deliberately and in case of any complications with the body, he takes full responsibility. Such a spicy dish came from the Indian province of Hyderabad, where such food is generally traditional. Gourmets who have tasted curries at an English restaurant say that there are no such hot sauces anywhere else. After all, naga pepper is used for its preparation - the spicy plant in the world. There is a special Scoville scale that evaluates the pungency of peppers. So, according to her, the naga has an indicator of 850 thousand units. Is it a lot or a little? For example, Tabasco pepper used in traditionally spicy Mexican cuisine has "only" 800 units. And that pepper-based tear gas used by police in America is 2 million units.

Phaal. This dish is prepared in India, where this curry is considered the most spicy. Phaal sauce is not easy, it includes 10 types of pepper at once. Among them is Bhut Yelekiya - the hottest spice on the planet according to the Guinness Book of Records. But the dish became famous not at all in the homeland, but in New York. There the sauce began to be offered in one of the restaurants. As a result, the visitors, having tasted such an unusually spicy but tasty dish, began to bring their friends there.

"The infamous hot pot". The Chinese do not consider it shameful to eat such a dish. It is prepared in one of the country's restaurants. It is difficult to say why such a pungent powder was given this name. There is a legend according to which the dish was once part of a certain sadomasochistic ritual. But the owner of the establishment says that strict warnings about the extraordinary spiciness of the dish do not stop visitors. As a result, literally after the first spoon, a typical picture is observed - people grab their throats or stomach and ask them to bring them some liquid as soon as possible.

Australian chile. When we talk about spicy food, we mean Mexico, India. However, it turns out that Australians also know how to cook really hot dishes. It was here that a specific chili was invented, which is considered almost the spicy sauce in the world. Naturally, there are no queues of extreme gourmets for such a spicy dish and never have been. Usually the sauce is added as a small portion to a main dish. In its pure form, only a madman can eat such chili. When preparing this sauce, they use the same hot naga jolokya pepper as in the above-mentioned Indian restaurant in London. Recently, the media reported that there were two daredevils who decided to swallow not even the sauce, but its main burning component in the pursuit of fame. Ryan Duke and Alex Fenning were able to survive their brave attempt. But both have similar impressions from their experience - they will never try such a dish a second time. But the guys got a reason to be proud of themselves and a portion of fame.

Tabasco. This Mexican sauce is known all over the world. But the most common is its lightest and most sparing version - Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce, its pungency index is only 600-1200 points on the Scoville scale. And the most spicy sauce from this family is Tabasco Habanero Sauce, its indicator is 5-7 thousand points, which is almost 10 times more than the strength of Tabasco Green. This sauce not only has an unprecedented pungency for the average consumer, but also a complex original recipe that came straight from Jamaican cuisine. Tabasco Habanero contains vinegar, abanero peppers (one of the hottest in the world), cane sugar, salt, mango pulp, tamarind, bananas, papaya, tomatoes, dried onions, garlic, spices and regular Tabasco sauce, along with aged in oak barrels pepper of the same name. Typically Tabasco Abanero hot sauce is consumed with vodka. The effect of it greatly surpasses the effect of any pepper vodka. It is enough to add just a drop of hot sauce to the glass. It is also used as a seasoning not only for native Mexican, but also for quite exotic cuisines of the world - African and Caribbean.

Couscous with lamb and vegetables. In the Maghreb countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria), couscous is almost the main dish in the diet of local residents. But it is common in other African countries, as well as in France, the province of Trapani, in Italian Sicily and in some countries in the Middle East. Couscous has several cooking options, but not all of them are spicy. There is sweet couscous, fish, and even a vegetarian variety. But the lamb option is traditionally famous for the abundance of pepper. As a result, the combination of all the ingredients in it gives a very spicy dish. Is it any wonder then that the Maghrebians, and the Africans, who for the most part love couscous, are more active and much more cheerful than their neighbors from the north, the Europeans. Couscous is based on semolina obtained from durum wheat. Traditionally, couscous is made by women, since the work on such a dish is very laborious.

Mexican watermelon. Watermelon is usually considered a sweet dish; few will be able to believe that it can make a real fire in the mouth. Meanwhile, in Mexico, where it seems that any dishes tend to be spicy, this berry, prepared in a special way, also became one of the spicy dishes. The use of hot spices was also found in this case. Watermelon is abundantly flavored with pepper, salt and poured with lemon juice. Such a dish has a very specific taste and many simply do not understand it, considering it disgusting. Although salted watermelons are cooked here and there, no one has thought of peppercorns. But in Mexico, there are those who want to try such exotic spicy food.

Mom Africa. Sauces are produced under this name in South Africa. They are so sharp that they can scare away even seasoned Tabasco fans. Sauce Mama Africa Abanero makes even the most persistent spice lovers cry. And this is not surprising, because the indicator of this dish is 22 thousand scoville. Gourmets warn ordinary people against thoughtless tasting, it is enough just to smell the sauce, and even then it is desirable from a distance. Fresh fruits and chili peppers, as well as green peppers, onions and garlic, and lemon juice made Mama Africa so spicy. To add a spicy flavor to the dish, a whole range of dried and fresh spices are added there: oregano, ginger, basil, mint and black pepper. Mama Africa has several varieties, but the most spicy are the varieties "Abanero", "Mama Africa with red chili peppers" and "Mama Africa Chili with mint".

Kimchi. And this dish is made in Korea. Kimchi are pickled vegetables that are hotly seasoned with pepper. The main dish is Chinese cabbage. Fermented cabbages are sprinkled with onions, garlic, ginger and paprika. In Korea, kimchi is a traditional dish; it is difficult to imagine a feast or even an ordinary meal without it. Locals believe that regular and moderate consumption of kimchi helps in the absorption of unnecessary fat stores. So a spicy dish can also be considered a dietary one. Another beneficial aspect of kimchi is its ability to effectively fight off colds.

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